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At DCH Marine,
we help navigate your journey towards the ultimate luxury lifestyle. 


We help navigate your journey towards the ultimate luxury lifestyle

Since 2013, DCH Marine has been the official distributor of several prestigious yacht brands throughout Greater China. 


The company is heaquartered in Central, Hong Kong.  Combined with a state-of-the-art aftersales service centre in Tsing Yi.  It supports a 250-strong fleet of motor yachts in the region. 

Clients may visit the showroom in Central to enjoy a unique customisation service, selecting their favourite materails and finishes.  Our yacht ambassador team assures a hassle-free ownership experience, from the sale of a tender and water toys to a superacht.


Boating and water sports have been progressively growing in the last decade in mainland China.  In 2020, DCH Marine has established a team of professionals in Shenzhen and Sanya to lead the business expansion in mainland China.  DCH Marine is now the authorised distributor for nine international brands and 100+ types of watercarfts, catering to a wide range of customer preferences and offering comprehensive financial, insurance and aftersales services.

In 2024, DCH Marine was appointed the exclusive distributor for Sunseeker in Singapore, Saxdor yachts and Williams tender in Asia Pacific region.  DCH Marine is the leading service provider in Singapore, offering extensive regional coverage and support to customers throughout the region.  The team's expertise ranges from new yacht sales, brokerage, yacht charter and extensive marine related services.  

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