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The Sunseeker story began in 1969 when entrepreneurial brothers Robert and John Braithwaite pursued their boat-building passion.
Today, we are the leading brand for luxury performance motor yachts. With seven yacht ranges, we offer the most diverse product portfolio in the world. Each with its own personality, our yachts are engineered with the owner in mind and standing at the helm. The Superyacht, Yacht, Ocean, Manhattan, Predator, Sport Yacht and Performance models all possess a uniqueness with one commonality. Every Sunseeker is the result of an uncompromising approach to design excellence. The pioneering spirit of our founders remains in our DNA with an unrelenting pursuit to surpass expectations.

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Saxdor Yachts is a privately owned Finnish premium boat producer with head office located in Helsinki.  The team behind the brand is experienced and award-winning.  Sakari Mattila, the founder of Saxdor, has also founded Aquador, Paragon, XO boats and Axopar.  

Saxdor stands for performance, design and more value for your money.  We strongly believe in making cutting edge, powerful boats that are a pleasure to use and always offer more value for the money – we really want you to enjoy your every moment in them!


The adventure is in your hands
Greatness, it takes time. A passion for craft, a commitment to do things the right way, the aim of perfection countered by the constant need to improve – there are no shortcuts to these things. After all, we’ve been leading the way since 2004, and we’re just getting started.

We are compelled by a desire to explore, discover and challenge the boundaries of boat building. We’ve been changing the game from our very first boat to more than 10,000 tenders.
Still manufacturing in the UK, we’ve perfected our craft to become the tender of choice and leader in our field. Built on innovation and a dedication to continuously evolving through cutting-edge technologies, materials and processes and are fit for the future.


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